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Служба заказа такси 2-885-886
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Krasnoyarsk taxi company Karetny Dvor

Welcome to Karetny Dvor!

If you need a taxi in Krasnoyarsk, you get to the right place.
We can offer you:
- taxi with english speaking driver
- car rental with driver
- airport transfers
- railway station transfers
- transfer to any near or far cities
- three class cars: compact class, mid-size class and business class

Our prices:

one hour:
- compact class: 300 roubles
- mid-size class: 360 roubles
- business class: 500 roubles

airport transfers (including waiting time one hour since landing, meeting at the arrival hall with your name on the plate, transfer to any point in the city):
- compact class: 1100 roubles
- mid-size class: 1200 roubles
- business class: 1400 roubles

english speaking driver:
- only ordered with business class car. The total price is 800 roubles per hour

To order a taxi please send us an e-mail: ZakazTaxi@list.ru
or call to our office +7-391-2-885-886
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